Kim Wright

Kimberly L. Cover - M.S., LPC, RD, CSSD, LDN

Kimberly Wright Cover, Ms, LPC, RD, CSSD, LDN, is a triple board-certified sports nutrition therapist. She specializes in aspiring athletes that seek to obtain optimal health and sports performance through balanced nutrition, exercise, and well-being. She is a prolific writer, book author, and has been published in peer-reviewed journals. She developed and managed several outpatient programs and has authored multiple standards of care for sports nutrition, wellness performance teams, and athletes with eating and exercise issues. She has counseled student-athletes for over 22 years. Her experience includes working with Elite and Olympic level athletes in a variety of sports including her tenure at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Sports Medicine and Performance Center, the United States Olympic Committee, and the University of Pennsylvania’s Athletic Department. She utilizes nutrition therapy and counseling techniques that foster a physiological understanding of the human body, intrinsic motivation, and an improved nutrition program, She conducts extensive training for multiple international clinicians including physicians, dietitians, and fitness and mental health professionals. She conducts research and group presentations on mindfulness, sports nutrition, counseling, and eating disorders. She graduated with distinction as an elite student-athlete from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in dietetics on gymnastics scholarship and with honors from West Chester University with her Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology and the Science of Counseling. Her distinguished service as an Officer in the United States Navy included the development and implementation of a Health Promotion Program, which was utilized by the entire U.S. Fleet. For inspiring collaborative teamwork and meritorious service as a Naval Officer, she was the recipient of several prestigious awards and decorations.